At Precast Solutions we are the “go to source” for most of the engineered concrete in central North Carolina. Our customers consistently report how projects are on time, on budget and to specs. We have the experience to know that the job has to meet the requirements or nothing passes inspections and jobs go over budget in time and expense. At Precast Solutions your concrete is “Engineered for Success” and it will match your plans!

If you need assistance with anything from standard culverts to complex underground catchment basins we have probably done it before, have approved plans and can help you complete the job on time, on budget and on spec.  Call us today.

Thoughts from our clients…

At Faulconer Construction, we pride ourselves on developing close relationships with key partners in the construction industry.  This is especially true when it comes to our major subcontractors and vendors.  Precast Solutions has proven to be an essential part of our team for many projects.  Whether we need structural design assistance during a design/build project or competitive pricing for hard bid projects, we find that they are both responsive and competitive.  From preconstruction and submittals through implementation we have come to depend on their quality and expertise and greatly value their commitment to our team.

Faulconer Construction

Precast Solutions has been a valuable partner to DHGI on many projects of varying nature over the past 5 years.  They deliver an excellent product, on time, paying great attention to detail.  Their ability to step outside of the manufacturing of normal project required precast items and work with the contractor and engineer on specialty site specific designs makes them stand out in our opinion.

D.H. Griffin Infrastructure, LLC

We (Greene Construction, Inc. of Boone, NC) have worked with the Tanger Outlet center in Blowing Rock, NC for many years on various issues.  We did receive a call one morning that there had been an “explosion” at the center.  I was about 8 miles away and went directly over to find that one of 2 pipe culverts under the center’s only entrance had collapsed.  We worked with the center and design team to come up with an appropriate solution.  The culverts had been installed about 35 years earlier (one 9’ diameter and one 11’ foot).  The flow line was roughly 40 feet below the finished grate of the entrance road and about 350’ long.

We contacted Mr. Chad Harrell with Precast Solutions to work with us and our design team engineers in review of replacing with precast concrete instead of pipe of some type. We found Mr. Harrell and the team at Precast Solutions to be most helpful in looking at options of design, working through best size and shape for our situation, as well as the BIG issues of how to keep the center in operation as we undertook such a massive grading and replacement operation.  The project was in a major water way with no place to create a bypass and thus the box design had to be one usable with an active stream and pump operation.  Once we had a “plan”, we found that they really kept up their portion of our plan and time line.  They worked so well in having the “boxes” designed in such a way to make the system go in smoothly and with the very minimum of disruption to the normal day to day operation of the center.  We could not have asked for a company to work with us in a better manner than did Mr. Harrell and his team.  The center is back to full operation and most don’t realize anything happened at the site.

 Greene Construction, Inc.

Precast Solutions is very cost competitive in the market. JTR has had nothing but success when dealing with Precast Solutions due to the quick response and coordinated efforts.

JT Russell and Sons

Beyond the efficient structures, our clients benefit from the customized approach that Precast Solutions brings to each project.  With a supply-chain mentality, their staff are excellent partners when establishing a critical construction sequence.

Allied Engineering and Surveying

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Chad Harrell and Precast Solutions the past few years installing large box culverts and pre-cast walls. As is the case in many construction projects, issues sometimes arise. Precast Solutions is always available, extremely knowledgeable and helpful in getting them resolved. Communication A+.

RBC Utilities Inc

Partial Client/Property List:

  • Allied Design Group
  • Allied Engineering and Surveying
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Celanese
  • Chapel Hill hospital system
  • Charlotte Airport
  • City of Greensbore
  • City of Winston Salem
  • City of Raleigh
  • Cole Jennest Stone
  • CPT Engineering
  • CSX rail terminal
  • DH Griffin
  • Duke Museum of Art
  • Duke Power
  • Faulconer Construction
  • FED EX
  • Ferguson Waterworks
  • Fidelity
  • Fort Bragg
  • Furnitureland South
  • General Dynamics
  • Gildan
  • Goodwill
  • Google site package
  • Greene Construction, Inc.
  • Harris Properties
  • Hazen and Sawer
  • Honda Jet
  • JT Russell and Sons
  • Kayser Roth
  • Koury Corporation
  • Land Design
  • Lennar Group
  • LIDL grocery stores
  • Lowder Construction
  • Lowes Hardware
  • Miller Brewing company
  • Moses Cone Health
  • NC System Universities
  • Novartis
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • PTI Airport
  • Publix Grocery Stores
  • RBC Utilities, Inc.
  • REX hospital systems
  • SAS, RTP
  • Sheetz
  • Shamrock Enviromental
  • Skanska
  • Smith Reynolds Airport
  • Stimmel and Associates
  • Syngenta, RTP
  • Tanger Outlets
  • United Therapeutics , RTP
  • University of GA
  • VA Hospital
  • VA Tech
  • Volvo trucks
  • Wake Forest
  • Wake Med
  • Walmart